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Welcome to Your Ease
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Welcome to Your Ease

Hi, I am Yvonne Loorij and I am passionate about creating a life of ease and authenticity throught yoga, nature & travel. Guiding (private) yoga classes and connecting with people on yoga retreats are my favorite ways to share this passion.

Yoga & Retreats

Easyinyoga Retreats

In the last few years I enjoyed going on yoga retreats a lot. It’s a great way to share yoga and meet wonderful new friends that all want to feel good and move well.

I loved the experience of travelling with like-minded people so much that I decided to host my own Yoga Retreats.

In 2021 and 2022 I got the chance to host several retreats – online, in Italy and The Netherlands – so great to be with like-minded people and do yoga together!

For 2023 I have some great retreats in the works as well. Subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll be the first to know!

Can’t wait to meet you on our next Retreat adventure!

Class Schedule & Private Yoga

My In-person and Online yoga lessons based on Strala and Yin yoga teach you how to reconnect to yourself and respond to how you feel.

We always start where you are – with what feels good. Then by softening and moving with ease, you begin to expand and explore. Move everything you have in every direction you can.

You learn how you can do more with less, while feeling good & moving well.

I would be thrilled to guide you to your Ease and to feeling good from the inside out.

Connect & Travel

I love to connect and spread the EASE, so we can all start feeling good & moving well. You can join me for Strala yoga and yin yoga classes: online on Udemy in English, and in person for weekly classes in Dutch or on one of my yoga retreats (EN/NL).

I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening via the newsletter and on our Facebook Group. Please feel free to sign up to stay up to date and get my free classes and workshops – I promise I won’t spam you!

What Other Retreat Participants Say

From my last Italy Retreat:

First time for me with Yin Yoga and felt incredible. It is a cuddle for the body and the soul and Yvonne was amazing guiding us through this experience: I feel very grateful 🙏🏻

– Chiara

I feel so lucky to have met Yvonne in a yoga retreat in Italy. I’ve tried her yin yoga sessions and it has been WOW. She’s so lovely and professional. Hope to meet her again.

– Martina

I had a wonderful few days in Apecchio, where Yvonne introduced me to and took me into Strala & Yin yoga twice a day. What a nice flow and a relaxed way to do yoga and then also in such a fantastic environment. Thoroughly enjoyed the yoga, the location, the yoga buddies and Yvonne’s great way of teaching and the tranquility of Yvonne.

Worth repeating!

– Anita

From my Ease Into 2022 Weekend Retreat:

I was searching for my first ever yoga retreat on the internet and came across Yvonne Loorij’s offer. I was very much impressed with Yvonne’s experience in yoga and communication skills. She is a caring and loving person with an open heart. I had a fantastic time during the three days of easing into yoga. Exquisite vegetarian food, walks on the beach, yoga sessions, career and wellbeing coaching, massage, sauna with the pool on a villa in the forest felt like living in paradise.

I also had a chance to learn about a new yoga style – Strala yoga. Yvonne has professionally designed her classes to accommodate all yoga levels – from beginners to advanced. I had great fun spending time with a group of beautiful ladies in a friendly and cozy environment. Easyinyoga retreat has exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to seeing Yvonne again.

– Tania

Because I also organize retreats myself and often work with groups and people, I wanted to be on the other side. Experience a retreat myself. Yvonne’s program immediately appealed to me. Simple, yin yoga. Ease into 2022. I immediately got a good feeling about it. And it was. Yvonne made everyone feel welcome. She teaches her yoga practices with a lot of knowledge and love for yoga. Respect for the body and everyone’s limitations or abilities. The meals were delicious. The group was not too big. Everything was relaxed. I’m all set for an easy 2022.

– Rika

Ease and Selfcare

For me yoga is all about feeling good & moving well, taking good care of yourself and connecting within.

It’s the mindset of EASE – in all you do. Selfcare. Not the superficial kind with bubble baths and scented candles. But really taking care of YOU, every day all day, in everything you do. And it starts with practicing this in small ways. How much effort are you using to open the fridge? Are you using your arm muscles – or are you using your whole body, moving from the center with minimal force?

This is just one tiny example of the holistic approach to movement – and life in general – Strala yoga, yin yoga and East Asian Arts teach us.

Strala yoga

Strala yoga is a style of yoga that is infused with the ease and movement wisdom of Tai Chi and other Traditional East-Asian healing art forms. This is a fluent style of yoga without end-points or ‘peak’ poses. It teaches you to be soft to be strong. You learn to move from your center with minimum effort. And above all, to use the breath as fuel and guidance for all movement.

Strala yoga teaches you to be YOU, to feel good and move well. Moving everything you can in every direction possible. You make your own yoga this way, there are no ‘rules’. We call ourselves Guides because of this.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a more introverted style of yoga. It also uses East-Asian healing wisdom in combination with the yoga form. It’s an ideal counterbalance to the active and Yang way of life in western society.

Yin yoga focuses on the deeper tissues of the body. These tissues are fascia, ligaments and tendons that need more time to respond, but often store a lot of stress. In Yin yoga you soften into specific poses and hold them for 2-6 minutes while breathing deep & full. This way the body opens up and releases the excess tension.