About me


Hi, great that you found me!

I am Yvonne Loorij, passionate about creating a life of ease and authenticity throught yoga, nature & travel.

I am 53 years old and started doing yoga about 11 years ago. The yoga bug really bit me after I got injured in a skiing accident. While rehabilitating I noticed that yoga was not only a perfect way to restore myself physically, but also to find more balance and calm mentally.

Over time I got more and more curious about yoga. I studied various styles of yoga, personal development & meditation and eventually did several teacher trainings including Strala yoga and Yin yoga. In 2016 I started a Dutch online yoga studio and have been guiding in-person classes since then.

Easyinyoga is my new channel in English. So I can share yoga, travel and anything related to feeling good & moving well with a wider audience. And inspire YOU to find the ease in yoga and in life as well!

In the last few years I enjoyed going on Yoga Retreats a lot. This was another game-changer for me. I met so many wonderful people this way and found beautiful friendships. Truly amazing creative and talented people that all want to feel good and move well, who share their unique gifts with their tribe in their own way.

I loved the experience of travelling with like-minded people so much that I decided to host my own Yoga & Nature Retreats. Can’t wait to meet you on my next adventure!

My experience with Strala & Yin yoga

Strala yoga and Yin yoga are both designed to be more then just a way to get toned and flexible. They are infused with East-Asian healing wisdom and teach us to follow the lessons of nature. In nature animals and trees always take the path of least resistance and conserve energy.

It’s not woo-woo. It’s not rocket science either. Moving well and feeling good is actually so easy – we just forgot that this is how we are born! We’re conditioned to a lifestyle of pushing, forcing and external manipulation. But the good news is we CAN unlearn this, and be who we really are.