Retreat@Home – Journey Into Ease

Continuing our Journey Into Ease

Retreat online

We are continuing our Retreat@Home Journey Into Ease together!

Pamela and I are still buzzing from the Ease Into 2021 Retreat@Home last weekend! It was such a joy to spend time together focusing on selfcare & ease!

Looking back, we feel very grateful and energised, inspired to do more (with ease of course) 😉

“Setting an intention is like clearing a path toward what you want”.

Tara Stiles

In her latest book #cleanmindcleanbody Tara Stiles writes that setting an intention each day is an important part of her selfcare practise. It really helps to stay focused and calm when things get bumpy.

Creating more ease into your life can be very simple, but with profound effects.

We strongly believe that how we move, how we are and how we feel has an impact not only on your life, but also on those around you. If you offer someone a smile, chances are it will get passed on to another person. Let’s start a pandemic of ease and joy! Over the past few months, we have experienced that this can be done online too. Seeing, feeling, and hearing it has been very encouraging.

So we want to keep the Retreat@Home Journey Into Ease going!

Mark the 27th of February in your calendar & invite your friends for our upcoming Retreat@Home! It will include classes and a workshop, specifically designed to support you in the work@home phase. Expect lots of ease and selfcare! The retreat will be an afternoon and evening.

Stay tuned!

XO Pamela & Yvonne

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