Working From Home – 7 Tips for More Ease

Working From Home with Ease

Working from Home with Ease can be quite a challenge these days. It isn’t easy to keep a healthy work-life balance working from home when everything is happening in the same place! Children, partners and pets and other distractions make it hard to stay focused so many of us feel overwhelmed, lethargic and stuck.

Creating ease is all about simplifying and selfcare. This helps to make space for you to breathe, focus and gain access to all your potential.

Here are 7 Tips for More Ease while Working From Home:

1. Create a schedule

It might seem obvious, but that also means planning breaks to stretch your legs, get some water and of course a lunch break. I know from experience if you don’t actively plan it, other “stuff” will come up and you’re left with 10 min to get a sandwich in. It helps to plan it upfront and create a boundary.

2. Eat healthy snacks & stay hydrated

If you want to eat snacks behind your desk, make sure they’re healthy, like some fruits.
Most importantly, stay hydrated. Dehydration causes feelings of stress and irritation and can also be confused with hunger!

3. Get rid of distractions and set boundaries

Avoid distractions from tv or social media updates until its break time and limit the time you spend on it then. This ties back to the first point: make sure you have a schedule, also for your partner, room-mates or kids that share the space with you.

4. Take a short walk outside

Even if it’s 10 minutes, it’s a great reset for your mind and body. Use this time to notice your breath, to notice how your body feels and soften your tense body parts. Smile at people you pass by and enjoy the fresh air.

5. Listen to positive podcasts on your breaks

If you can, use this time to focus your mind on something fresh, like this one @wholeandunleashed from my friend @jes.lock. The best ideas or solutions find you when you’re relaxed, so this is a great way to bring in that ease!

6. Stretch and/or do some Strala Yoga!

Of course a great thing to do for 5 or 10 min every hour or so. Simple movements that release the tension, like #qigong or some neck and shoulder stretches. Your body will thank you for it!

7. Keep your desk neat & decluttered

Just like in an office, keep it neat after work so you can start your next day with focus and ease.

I’ll be offering short WFH yoga sessions every weekday at noon (CET) on IG Live for the next few weeks, so feel free to join!


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