Easyinyoga Class Offerings

Join my yoga classes!

Join my weekly Yin yoga and Strala yoga group classes or book Private Classes:

  • In-Person: I’m leading several yoga classes and workshops in Dutch in my neighborhood
    • Easyinyoga Molenhoek 2 classes/week
    • Chair Yoga for Seniors in Heijen on Tuesday afternoon (send email for details)
    • Yoga studio Body-Motion 5 classes/week
  • Private Yoga: Online or In-person classes fully tailored to your needs

First introduction class is always on me;-)

About my classes

We start where you are, and explore what you need to feel better. Because to me yoga is all about feeling good & moving well. You’ll learn to be and move with Ease, how to do more with less. To notice when you are pushing yourself too hard and you need to soften to reconnect to your breath. It’s not about the yoga poses, it’s about connecting within and finding your EASE.

Try it out for yourself!

Private Yoga Classes

Whatever your reason to (re)start with yoga, this is for you if you want to:

  • work on feeling good & moving well
  • learn to (re)connect to yourself and then respond to how you feel
  • do more with less effort
  • feel good from the inside out instead of focusing on external goals
  • create space in your mind and ease in your body
Easyinyoga Private Classes
Ease Into It
1 Intake session Online (30 min)
– Get to know each other and discuss your needs
Dipping Your Toe Into Ease
5 One-on-One Online private yoga sessions (one hour each)
– To be scheduled* within 2 months total (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly)
– Includes 1 online intake session of 30 minutes
250 eur
Creating a Habit of Ease
10 One-on-One Online private yoga sessions (one hour each)
– To be scheduled* within 4 months total (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly)
– Includes 1 online intake session of 30 minutes
450 eur
Ease All the Time
13 One-on-One Online private yoga sessions (one hour each)
– To be scheduled* within 4 months total (i.e. weekly)
– Includes 1 online intake session of 30 minutes
550 eur
*Scheduled classes may be rescheduled if you notify me at least 48 hrs in advance.

How does this work?

Once you filled out the contact form we’ll schedule a 30 minute intake session to get to know each other a bit better and answer any of your questions about the program. It also gives me an idea where you are in your yoga journey. This helps tailor your classes and make sure you get the most out of every session right from the start!

After the intake session you receive the payment link for the program of your choice. We schedule all private lessons in advance and you receive Calendar invites with a link for all our private sessions. If needed we can reschedule a session, but please let me know at least 48hrs in advance 🙂

I’m looking forward to feeling good & moving well together with you.

Sample Classes

If you haven’t done any of my classes yet, you’re probably curious to experience a session with me. You want to know what moving well with me looks like, right?

yoga lesson

So please feel free to check out my online video’s on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Your private lessons will of course be tailored to you – to where you are in your yoga and movement journey, what you need and what your preferences are. But you’ll get an idea of how I would guide you through the movements.

I’m looking forward to working with you!



What you can expect

In our yoga classes I’ll guide you to find your EASE and your own yoga based on my experience with Strala and Yin yoga.

We’ll work on staying soft and movable, even when things get more intense. This approach makes you stronger and able to do more with less effort.

You’ll find that YOUR way of moving – everything you have, in every direction you can – is the best way. And that there is an easier way than fixing and fussing to “get into a pose”.

What Other Easyinyogi’s say:

Thank you for yesterday’s session! I feel great and it was just what I needed, a tailored and balanced class with the right intensity level. See you next time! 😘👍😄


I had a wonderful few days in Apecchio, where Yvonne introduced me to and took me into Strala & Yin yoga twice a day. What a nice flow and a relaxed way to do yoga and then also in such a fantastic environment. Thoroughly enjoyed the yoga, the location, the yoga buddies and Yvonne’s great way of teaching and the tranquility of Yvonne.

Worth repeating!


Thank you for this class. It was refreshing and exactly what I needed today. 


Who is this for

We come to yoga from all different angles – I started because of an injury. Some people want to get calmer or more flexible and strong. Some want to learn to breathe better or meditate. Yoga is really good for all that.

How to get started with yoga

When you decide to (re)start on this journey of ease and selfcare it can be quite intimidating.

How do you find a yoga class that fits you and where you will feel confortable being YOU? That meets you where you are in YOUR practise?

I know this from my own experience. It took me quite some time to find the teacher and the style of yoga that really felt like me. At the time I was recovering from an injury, so I had to take it slow. But that didn’t mean I just wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I wanted to expand it!

And because I had found the right person to guide me, I also expanded beyond the physical practise. After a few months I noticed changes in the way I felt mentally as well. More balanced, calm and at ease with myself. But also curious to learn more about this way of being. How to feel good and move well from the inside out.

It’s that encouragement and curiosity that led me to become a teacher myself in the end.

So now, in turn, I would be thrilled to guide you back to YOU – the real you – and share my experience to help you find Your path to EASE.