Spring Into Action – Book Your Next Adventure!

Let’s Spring Into Action!

I’m back!

I was on vacation in Florida where the picture above was taken (Disney World, EPCOT). There they had the annual Flower & Garden Festival – an amazing display of beautiful gardens and even Disney characters made of plants and flowers.

So you understand I’m in full Spring mode after all that abundant nature!

I’m planning my next adventures already, which is very much in tune with the Spring into Action feeling.

In TCM, Spring is associated with the Wood element. This is the energy of nature coming back to life, (re)birth after a period of rest and introspection. Like seeds that were dormant under the earth in winter, now sprouting and breaking through to receive the sunlight. It’s a warm & active Yang energy of growth and development, bubbling with renewal.

Use that Spring Energy in yoga and life

So now is indeed the time to start taking action on your goals, to bring your visions and creative idea’s to life. But stay easy, there are many Spring days to come. Depleting this active energy can lead to anger and frustration.

In our (Yin) yoga practise we harmonize the Wood energy by focusing on the Liver & Gallbladder meridians, that run along the entire side body and the inside of the legs. Twists and hipopeners, as well as poses like happy baby, butterfly and wide legged poses (up the wall for example) are very nice in this season.

In our weekly Easyinyoga Wednesday Class we’ll pay extra attention to those area’s. You can practise with me online every  Wednesday from 19:30-20:30 CET with Strala & Yin yoga for everyone (beginner-friendly), so feel free to join! For more details and sign-up, click the link or send me a message.

To get you even more in the Spring mood: 

What’s your next adventure?

If you feel the Spring energy as well and are ready to plan your next adventure, come join me for the Ease in Greece Extended Retreat from 2-9 October. Click link or image below for more details if you feel the pull!

Stay Easy, 

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