3 Yin Yoga Poses for Autumn & Winter

As we’re slowly moving from the Autumn to the Winter season, here are a few juicy yin yoga poses for you. (15 min practise)

3 Yin Yoga Poses for Autumn & Winter

As we’re slowly moving from the Autumn to the Winter season, here are a few juicy #yinyoga poses for you. (15 min practise)

Perfect to end your regular (yang) practise and simmer down into the yin side. 😉

Breathe deeply into the poses and soften your whole self.


1. Crushed Wings
Stimulates the Large Intestin meridians on the outside of the arms and creates space between the shoulder blades. Cross you arms underneath your chest, get comfortable and let gravity do the work.

Option: Half crushed with with one arm underneath and the other arm stretched out overhead. Place a pillow or a block under your forehead in both versions.

Hold for 2 minutes and then switch arms.

Rebound: rest on your back or belly until the sensations subside (1 min)

2. Happy Baby
Stimulates the Kidney & Bladder meridians on the backs and insides of the legs and lower back. Grab your feet and let your lower back press into the floor, while keeping the head & shoulders as relaxed as possible.

Option: Grab your ankles instead of feet and use blankets & pillows to support your head and shoulders.

Hold for 4 minutes.

Rebound: slowly stretch out your legs and arms, rest on your back until sensations subside (approx. 1 min)

3. Reclined Supported Butterfly
Stimulates Lung and Kidney meridians on the insides of the arms and legs. Place a bolster or firm pillows lenghtwise on the mat, place the soles of your feet together and drape yourself backwards over the pillows. Stretch out your arms sideways/upwards to where it still feels comfortable (don’t overstretch!). Soften & breathe deeply.

Option: Support the knees with blocks or pillows to lessen the stretch on the inside of the legs. Place a pillow under your head and/or arms. Lower arms or place hands on your belly.

Hold for 5 minutes.

Slowly bring your knees back together and roll to one side with support of your elbow.

Rest on your side for a moment and when ready, relax into your savasana to end the practise.



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