21 Days Unlockdown Yourself Challenge

FREE! 21 Days Unlockdown Yourself Challenge

21 Days Unlockdown Yourself Challenge – (re)Start your yoga practise in <15 min per day

Before you think, o no, not another Challenge – because let’s be honest, you’ll see a lot of those in the coming weeks 😉
This is a real fun project of mine that actually helped me a LOT last year. I did it to get myself out of the Lockdown rut and into a routine of selfcare. Not the kind of selfcare that tells you you have to be thinner or stronger or anything like that. But the kind of selfcare that means carving out time for yourself, to really spend time with yourself. Alone. Just to notice and feel what your body and mind need. To be at ease with being YOU.

This 21 day challenge is a way to set you on that path.

To start 2021 off right, I’m offering you this 21 Days Unlockdown Yourself Challenge via Udemy FOR FREE!! Whohoo!

See more details and the coupon below.

What you can expect

Don’t worry, this FREE 21 Days Unlockdown Yourself Challenge is not going to make you loose sleep 😀 It’s just 15 min (max!) each day of easy-going Strala yoga. I did it every morning right after I got my first coffee 😉  Set your alarm 15 min earlier and roll on your mat with me for your daily dose of ease.

Breathing easy and moving well. You’ll feel ready for the day, energized and with a happy buzz of softness.

Strala yoga is a style of yoga that is infused with the ease and movement wisdom of Tai Chi and other Traditional East-Asian healing art forms. This is a fluent style of yoga without end-points or ‘peak’ poses. It teaches you to be soft to be strong. You learn to move from your center with minimum effort. And above all, to use the breath as fuel and guidance for all movement.

Strala yoga teaches you to be YOU, to feel good and move well. Moving everything you can in every direction possible. You make your own yoga this way, there are no ‘rules’. We call ourselves Guides because of this.

How to get access on Udemy

I decided to upload all my video’s on Udemy, so that I don’t have to maintain and manage a video platform myself. And it allows me to give YOU, my dear friends, special coupon codes like this one!

Just click the link below and it will take you right to my 21 Days Unlockdown Yourself Challenge course

Coupon code: Unlock2021 (valid until January 31st 2021)




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