Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays Friends!

Hope you’re doing well & staying safe this season?

The picture above was taken last year when I was in Vancouver, Canada at the top of Grouse Mountain. They create a Christmas village there and a “light walk”, very beautiful.

So much has changed since then. It just shows that we can never know what happens next and that because of that, we should enjoy every moment while it lasts.

Make all the plans, do all the things, but stay present in the moment. Enjoy what is right in front of you.

I am very grateful for all the experiences of 2020. It set me on a path that I had maybe hoped for and wished for, but did not expect to happen so soon. On the flip side, I had to leave some hopes and dreams behind as well. That’s 2020 I guess… It also taught me a lot about myself and brought me closer than ever to my loved ones.

And now that the world seems darkest, new light and new hope is coming in. The whole world is ready to leave the pandemic behind and reset itself for the rebound in 2021.

I can feel it in my bones – this is going to be a wonderful year!

Take good care of yourself, stay easy, stay safe and stay connected.

Wishing you light, ease & peace on this longest night of the year, happy holidays full of positive vibes and connection (however possible) and all the best for a healthy and joyful 2021


PS. Don’t forget to check out the free event from Strala called GUIDES on Dec 26th & 27th. Two days full of  classes and talks on how to bring the philosophy of Ease into your daily life and much more. 

PPS. And of course you’re very welcome to join us for the Sister Circle on Sunday January 3rd 8pm CET and toast together on the New Year!

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