Love Letter to You

me doing yin yoga

Love Letter to You

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I created a “Love Letter to You” yoga class! In this heart-opening Yin class focused on the Fire element, its all about creating space to invite that loving, playful fire energy in. Fill your own cup and share from the overflow. Stoke your own fire by allowing yourself to receive what you need. You are worthy. You are loved and lovable, exactly as you are.

Love is at the essence of the Fire Element in TCM, and love connects. Allow your #selflove to open you up and connect with others around you. Share joy and feel that energy of playful enthusiasm.
This benevolent fire/heart energy brings things to mature fruition and allows us to engage with others and the world in deep and meaningful ways.

Nurture and harmonise your fire energy by making sure you get enough sleep and move you body. Never stop playing! Have fun and follow your passions with heart & soul.

Find balance between selflove and love for others. Trust your intuition and listen to your heart. What makes your heart sing?

The more you share that, the more you’ll stoke your own fire and open yourself up to bring more warmth into the world.

Big hugs & Love


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PS2 If you would like access to more full-lenght yin classes, please feel free to check out my Udemy course Easy Yin Yoga at Home – Yin Yoga for the Five Elements and Seasons.

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