Bolster Yoga – My Favorite Poses

Check out this new yin yoga class (55min) with all my favorite bolster supported yin yoga poses.

You can find it in the Easyinyoga Connect FB group and I also sent out the newletter with a link to the class.

Its got all my favorite bolster supported yin yoga poses to get you relaxed and refreshed at the same time 😉

If you like to add some music to this class you can use this Spotify Playlist I use for my in-person/private classes.

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4 bolster yoga poses

Summary of the poses:

  1. Reclined Butterfly with goal-post arms
  2. Caterpillar with Crushed Wings arms
  3. Sleeping Deer
  4. Half Saddle with arms overhead

4 bolster yoga poses
  1. Resting Half Moon with arms overhead
  2. Open Bridge
  3. Supported Legs Up the Wall with arms overhead
  4. Savasana with bolster under knees

If you do them without the video, don’t forget to rest & reset between each pose and of course do both sides if the pose is asymmetrical. 😘

Pose number 7 is my favorite. What’s yours?

Fall and Winter

The poses in this class focus on the meridians that belong to the Fall & Winter season. For Fall we want to harmonize the Metal element energy through the Lung and Large Intestin meridians. These flow through the inside and outside of the arms.

For Winter the Bladder and Kidney meridians are stimulated, which run through the legs, as well as across the the whole back of the body (Bladder). The Kidney meridian runs upwards from the feet along the inside of the legs, via the sacrum in the lower back and ends on the front side of the body under the collar bone.

Stimulating these meridians help to harmonize the flow of energy – to let go of what no longer serves us (Fall) and to turn inwards, rest and reset (Winter).

Enjoy and let me know how it went!



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