Strala Yoga for Ease – Beginner Course

I’m so excited to share this news with you: I’ve created a new beginner-friendly course on Udemy for you: Strala Yoga for Ease!

I wholeheartedly believe that yoga is for everyone and every body, at any age. We all want to feel better and be able to move well. Using the philosophy of ease that is at the core of Strala yoga, it is always possible to make your own yoga. It’s not about the poses or to become crazy flexible.

Strala Yoga is a way of being, moving and healing, that helps people connect with how they feel, move how it feels good, and handle challenges with ease.

Tara Stiler, Founder of Strala Yoga

With this course I created a guide for you to start exploring your own yoga this way. Starting where it feels comfortable and slowly expanding that comfort zone is the goal.

Yoga for Everyone

When I started to record this series, I wanted to show how yoga really can be for everyone, at any age. At 53, I might not look like the typical magazine yoga person, but I do enjoy moving well and feeling good just as much!

If you are recovering from an injury, 40plus, 50plus or 60plus and like to feel better, move with ease and make this practise really YOUR practise, then is is for you.

We’ll start slow and build up to more active flows. Slowing down and softening is the key to be able to do more with less effort. Your breath is your best friend and also your gauge. The more softness and ease you can find in your body, the bigger your breaths will be. And that leads to a calm and harmonious state of being.

I’ll guide you through what works for me. Give it a try and find your own yoga!

Strala Yoga for Ease course

The Strala Yoga for Ease course contains 7 beginner-friendly yoga classes, with over 4 hours of content in total. You will get forever access, so you can do the classes in your own pace. They are there for you to enjoy as long as you like!

Most classes are between 20-40 minutes long, which makes them easy to squeeze into your day. There is always time for some ease and selfcare 😉

Strala Yoga for EaseUdemy Course Price
Beginner friendly yoga for “older” yogi’s
– 7 classes, 4 hrs 8 min of content
59 Eur

To celebrate that my Strala Yoga for Ease course is now live on Udemy, I created a coupon for you! For the next 5 days you can grab my new course for only Eur 9,99 !

Use Coupon code STRALAFOREASE and redeem now for forever acces.

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