What’s new August 2020 – Online Class, Private Yoga offering, Corona-Blues

New Inspiration + Yin Yang Earth Flow Class


Expect a lot of new flows and inspiration from the Yin and Qigong advanced teacher training intensive I did 2 weeks ago! It was 5 full days packed with theory and practise, Yang flows (very Strala-like yoga sequences), Qigong exercises and wisdom. There is so much to learn about how everything in nature is connected to everything in ourselves. Both practises are deeply founded in Traditional East-Asian/Chinese Healing knowlegde. Very interesting (at least for me 😉

You’ve probably seen some short clips already on Facebook and Instagram with a few examples. I’m really having fun integrating this in my own practise and you will see some new flows into my new online class “Yin Yang Earth Flow” this week. I hope you will enjoy it as well – please let me know how it goes!

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Launch Private Yoga Classes Program


Very exciting news, something I’ve been a bit scared about as well, but doing it anyway 😉

Drumroll…… This week I launched my Easyinyoga Private Classes Program so we can practise EASE and move well together one-on-one!!! YAY!

Very happy about this – feel free to ask any questions about the Private Classes program. Looking forward to move well and feel good with you!

Corona-Blues – Energy flows where attention goes

Have you had it already? Not Covid-19 itself, but the lockdown-dip?

I did. And will again if I’m not careful. Because this sluggish, ungrounded and uninspired feeling is an easy thing to fall into. The monotony of working from home, the days that all start looking the same. No big adventures to look forward to.

It’s a very uncommon feeling for me, to be so blah. And reaching out to people to talk about that feeling is not common either. Helping others is, but opening up and asking for help, that’s another story. But that is actually what you should do. Connect to each other, see a friendly face and have a chat, is what helps best against these Corona-blues. Because we’re never alone, we’re all in this together.

In these pandemic times it’s so easy to fall into the fear-based mindset and focus on all that can go wrong. To focus on all that is different now and how that limits you.

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself , and that no heart had ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams

– The Alchemist

This phrase from the famous book The Alchemist by writer Paulo Coelho jumped out to me this weekend when a friend shared what she was reading. She had underlined several sentences – the book is full of gems like this. But this one felt profound to me. It’s powerful because it tells us to believe in our dreams and that we have control.

We can decide what to focus on. What we CAN do instead of what we can’t. And be guided by our heart’s dreams instead of its fears.

I started my adventure earlier this year with a post on social media that says: “Scared but doing it anyway”. The post decribes how I feel about my journey. That in order to follow my dream of connecting and sharing my passion for yoga, nature and travel with like-minded people, I have to get real about my fears.

You can feed your fears or feed your dreams. Energy flows where attention goes.

I decided to focus my attention and energy on my dreams. So now here we are, 4 months later. I have this website, a Facebook group and Instagram account – connecting with a growing group of like-minded people – where I posted several yoga classes and even did a 21-day LIVE “Unlockdown Yourself” challenge (recordings still available). And I am enjoying this journey so much!!

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