Yin Yoga Class for the Metal Element

me doing yin yoga

Yin yoga for the metal element – New Class!

I recorded another 1 hour Yin class for you 🙂

This class is focused on the meridians of the Metal element which is associated with the Fall season. The lung & large intestin meridians related to this TCM* element run along the inside and outside of the arms.
In this yin yoga class for the metal element we still cover the whole body – i.e. all yin archetype poses, for those of you that joined the Yin @Home workshop – but the emphasis is on the arms, shoulders and upper body.
Enjoy & let me know how it went or if you have questions!

*TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine – 5 element theory

Yin yoga & the metal element

METAL is the energy of autumn, it’s about cleaning out old negativity. The metal element helps us to eliminate what we no longer need and bring structure into your lives. This allows us to take in new experiences and new energy – a breath of fresh air. So we can focus on what’s most precious and pure in our lives.

In this class we’ll start with a short breathing exercise to activate your yin metal energy. Followed by several seated poses for the inside and outside of the arms. Then the twisted deer pose and reclined butterfly combination creates a deep opening of the upper back and lungs and massages the large intestin.

With the crushed wings and open bridge poses we again open the upper back and front of the body and end with a flamingo twist and savasana to integrate and digest the effects of this sequence.

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Stay tuned for more news for a great start of the new year!



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