Your Guides into Ease

We are so excited to take you on this journey into ease, connecting within, feeling good & moving well. Even though we are both trained as Strala yoga guides, we are as different and complementary as yin & yang.

Pamela Driessen


Why yoga

Having danced for 20 years, I was so used to moving my body all the time, yet I was so out of tune with it. Yoga got me (re)acquainted. It’s such a beautiful way to check up, using the breath as a tool to sensitize and tune in. How do I feel? What do I need? A gentle mindful practice can calm the mind and soften & relax the body. An energising flow can feel so uplifting and strengthening. It’s magical! I love moving in a flow, letting each breath carry me into a new place that feels different every time. Moving in alignment with myself, everything softens, I feel free, healthy and super happy! This is the feeling I love to share. 

Teaching style

Based on Strala Yoga, I guide a gentle or energising flow to feel good music that supports the practice. You can expect fluid whole body movement ignited by the breath. Experience the strength that comes from a place of ease. And some fun! 

Check out Pam’s website You Flow Yoga for more updates about her online classes and in-person classes in The Hague.

Yvonne Loorij

I am 53 years old and started doing yoga about 11 years ago. The yoga bug really bit me after I got injured in a skiing accident. While rehabilitating I noticed that yoga was not only a perfect way to restore myself physically, but also to find more balance and calm mentally.

Over time I got more and more curious about yoga. I studied various styles of yoga, personal development & meditation and eventually did several teacher trainings including Strala yoga and Yin yoga. In 2016 I started a Dutch online yoga studio and have been guiding in-person classes since then.

Easyinyoga is my new channel in English. So I can share yoga, travel and anything related to feeling good & moving well with a wider audience. And inspire YOU to find the ease in yoga and in life as well!

In the last few years I enjoyed going on Yoga Retreats a lot and found beautiful friendships this way.

I loved the experience of travelling with like-minded people so much that I decided to host my own Yoga & Nature Retreats. Can’t wait to meet you on my next adventure!